Box art that got it all wrong

Offender - Transformers: Autobots and Decepticons

Crime - Mixing up established colors of the title characters

Get a load of this - they named each version after the Autobots and Decepticons and then made their logos the opposite color. Autobot logo is always red. Decepticon logo is always purple. It's been that way for two decades. How can you go to the trouble of securing the license and then screwing it up the color they represent? That's like buying the NBA license and then ignoring the proper jersey colors.

Eff it! We're doing whatever we want with the license; we can't be bothered to know/remember/care that it predates this product by 20 years, there's money to be made!

They even went so far as to make the backgrounds match. One could argue they were going for a contrasting image, swapping the colors intentionally to make the art more striking, but the only people who'll notice the palette swap are the same who get pissed when you mess with tradition. Also, pull away from Megatron. When you get that close he looks like freaking Sauron.

Offender - Bubble Bobble Revolution

Crime - Managing to make Bub & Bob fugly as hell

Christ, look at those things. Two grossly rotund beasts that paradoxically couldn't reach their mouths with those stubby appendages. And what's with the Pac-Man eyes? Good lord what have they done to two characters known for being adorable?



What a travesty. All this game has to go on is nostalgia and the irresistibly cute duo of Bub and Bob. Guess it was a sign of things to come, as the reviews were cripplingly low. Next time don't get five-year-olds to draw your box art.

Offender - Karnov

Crime - Duping kids into thinking Karnov's a badass

Hey kids, wanna play as a fire-breathing circus strongman that wrestles goddam dinosaurs? Of course you do! Buy our game and we promise a sweltering sauna of Cretaceous beatdowns that'll have your friends lining up around the block. Don't have enough friends to fill a block? They'll come to you after they see Karnov bitch-kick T-Rex right in its stupid teeth.

Oh. He's actually an overweight, fire-breathing Russian that can't jump very well. There's also like one dinosaur in the whole game and the ending is a simple"Congratulations!"

This shit should be illegal. They outright lied to us, and they'd have to in order to get a child to choose this over Super Mario Bros. 2. To be fair, now-defunct Data East depicted Karnov as a 'roided-out goon on the arcade flyer, but when translated to sprites he simply looks fat. Either way this box art fails to deliver, whether Karnov is obese or packing two tickets to the Kremlin's Red Army gun show.

Hmm that sounds better already...