Bourne and bombs

Chances are you’ve already checked out the first teaser trailer from The Bourne Ultimatum, with Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne continuing on his crusade to find the truth about his identity, make smoothly menacing phone calls to his former bosses and crash cars in a variety of spectacular ways.

The new full trailer has all of that and more with Bourne vocally sparring against Joan Allen’s Pamela Landry and David Strathairn’s Noah Vosen. It’s shaping up to be yet another treat thanks to Paul Greengrass’ style and Damon’s hard edged performance. Catch the trailer here .

Also showing up online this weekend is the first look at Robert Redford’s political drama Lions For Lambs. Now, while there aren’t any actual bombs in this trailer (it’s mostly thesps like Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise and Redford making big speeches), it does hang its plot on the war on terror, something that has once more been very clearly on all our minds in Blighty.

It’s also the first out of the gate from Cruise’s freshly purchased United Artists company, so it’ll be interesting to see more as the trailers arrive. But with Redford behind the camera, chances are it’ll be a decent drama.

You can find that trailer here . Enjoy!

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