Borderlands 3 co-writer "would love to pick up where Tales from the Borderlands left off"

(Image credit: Telltale Games)

You're in good company if you always wanted another season of Tales from the Borderlands (opens in new tab), the narrative-focused adventure that takes place in the loot-shooting universe. Borderlands 3 (opens in new tab) co-lead writer Sam Winkler confirmed in a recent interview that he's a big fan of the episodic game, and though the interview was conducted before the news broke that developer Telltale Games was returning (at least in name) (opens in new tab), that only makes his comments all the more exciting.

Tales from the Borderlands came out in 2014/2015 as a fusion of Telltale's brand of adventures and Gearbox's irreverent, hyper-violent world. Though it never received a sequel, it is canonical with the rest of the Borderlands story. You'll even meet at least one of Tales' characters, Rhys, in the course of playing Borderlands 3 (though he isn't voiced by original actor Troy Baker (opens in new tab)).

“I would love to pick up where Tales from the Borderlands Season 1 left off,” Winkler says in an interview with (opens in new tab). “There's so many unsolved threads there, and even though we brought some characters into Borderlands 3, there's still a lot of question marks.”

Up until Borderlands 2's Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC (opens in new tab) arrived, Tales from the Borderlands was the most recent part of the Borderlands timeline. That left it well-positioned to be a big influence on the events of Borderlands 3, and Winkler says the story he helped write capitalize that, with some nods to threads left unresolved at the end of Tales.

“I am a die-hard fan of Tales, and I inserted some winks and nods that are probably going to drive some fan wiki articles," Winkler teases. Whether or not Tales from the Borderlands 2 ever happens, it sounds like the first left a big mark on Gearbox's world.

Let characters like Lilith, Ellie, and well, Claptrap walk you through getting started in Borderlands 3 (opens in new tab).

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