Borderlands 2 video shows off 'Mechromancer' DLC, out today for newbies to enjoy

Borderlands 2 has got plenty of DLC lined up over the coming year. But if Captain Scarlett and her Captain's Booty (due out today) sounds a bit difficult, you might be interested in Gaige the Mechromancer. See what they did there? Clever. She's actually been available for a week already for free if you pre-ordered the game, but she's available now for everyone else. And yes, she is the controversial 'Girlfriend Mode' that landed the devs in so much hot water recently. Controversy aside for the moment, check out her trailer here:

As the video demonstrates quite spectacularly, Gaige has several noob-friendly abilities available to her through her skill tree. The 'Close Enough' one sounds useful, bending bullets towards enemies if you fire in their vague direction. Although we're not sure how that would work with the accuracy-sapping, stackable 'Anarchy' condition that's meant to ensure she isn't too good.

Clearly, she's not meant to be used by advanced players, but as a newbie-friendly way to get someone new into modern gaming, we can think of a lot less awesome ways to do it. She's available for 800MS Points / $9.99 - £7.99 when the UK PS store updates on Thursday.

Justin Towell

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