Bob Odenkirk confirms the Breaking Bad movie is done filming

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If Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk is anyone to go by, the Breaking Bad movie has is all done filming. The actor broke the news in a wide-ranging interview with The Hollywood Reporter, apparently surprised by the fact that we had no idea the whole movie had already been filmed.

"I don't know what people know and don't know. I find it hard to believe you don't know it was shot. They did it. You know what I mean? How is that a secret? But it is. They've done an amazing job of keeping it a secret," Odenkirk said while discussing the shroud of mystery hanging over the feature-length follow up to one of the most successful television shows of all time.

The news is surprising for a couple reasons. For one, there's still so much we don't know about the movie - the plot, setting, and time period, to name a few key unknowns - that it's a shock to hear it's so far into production.

Also, if he's suggesting the filmmakers went through the trouble of concealing the fact that filming had concluded, why is he so casually revealing the news? None if it makes a whole lot of sense, but we don't have any reason to doubt the actor's word.

After an agonizing period of likely contract-binding silence about the project, Breaking Bad leading men Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, who portrayed Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, have taken to blatantly hinting at their involvement on social media.

Seeing as how Walter White died at the end of Breaking Bad, it would make sense that Jesse Pinkman would play the leading role in the movie, with Bryan Cranston perhaps reprising his role as Walter White in flashback sequences. A prequel involving the duo doesn't exactly sound ripe with potential anyway; part of the reason Walter White adapts so willingly to his new identity is that he was bored with his life as a chemistry teacher. Likewise, Pinkman didn't seem to have a whole lot going on pre-series as a low level meth dealer. Not to mention, a prequel would demand some serious retro-aging effects.

Until we learn more, Breaking Bad fans should really check out Better Call Saul if they haven't yet - some would even say it's better than Breaking Bad (blasphemy, I know.)

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