Blue Beetle director originally wanted to make a Bane film – and fans want to see it

Blue Beetle
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Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto originally wanted to direct a Bane movie – and it's something fans would like to see. 

"I wanted to pitch ideas, and one of them was the Bane origin story," Soto told Den of Geek. "I always thought that there was something interesting in exploring his reality and how a character like that comes to be."

But, Warner Bros. instead told Soto: "There's this character that we've been developing for a couple of years. The Blue Beetle, a Latino superhero."

DC fans have made their feelings known, though, and they're desperate for a Bane movie. "Y'all have no idea the type of man I would become if they made a Bane movie," writes one person.

"A Bane movie is easily the Batman villain film I would look [forward] to the most," agrees another fan. "He's got such a cinematic origin story. That would be awesome."

"You know, I feel like Bane is probably one of the few villains that could absolutely warrant a solo film," says someone else. "Explore his origins and rise to power in his own story – then have a Batman film where he enters the picture fully realised and ready for the Knightfall storyline."

"With the Joker being successful, I think a Bane movie would've been good," is another person's point.

But, not everyone agrees: "If people just knew how cool Blue Beetle's character is they would be all over this movie, he's like top 5 favorite character for me"

We're of the opinion that there's room for everyone in the new DCU – particularly as, according to James Gunn, "less than half" of Chapter One: Gods and Monsters has been revealed so far (while Blue Beetle isn't technically a DCU movie, coming as part of the old DCEU line-up, Blue Beetle himself is apparently the first DCU character). Hopefully, then, we'll eventually get a Bane movie, too. 

Blue Beetle arrives this August 18. In the meantime, check out our guide to all the upcoming DC movies and TV shows for everything else the studio has in store. 

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