Bloodborne camera mod offers our most detailed look at Yharnam yet

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(Image credit: FromSoftware)

A free-roaming camera mod for Bloodborne is now available as a mod, and it looks great.

Last week, ever-reliable FromSoftware modder Lance McDonald took to Twitter to announce a new mod for 2015's Bloodborne. This time, the modder has restored a free-roaming camera that the development team themselves would've actually used during Bloodborne's development.

With the new camera mod, players can manipulate Bloodborne's camera however they want while the game is running. This means you can effectively detach the camera from hovering around the player character in a third-person perspective, and use it to explore the wider game at your will.

The mod also lets you basically pause Bloodborne in real time. FromSoftware's modern classic never had a pause button, running at all times just like Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, and many other modern FromSoftware games would do to keep players on their toes.

You should be able to get some fantastic screenshots with this new camera mod. You can head over to the link in McDonald's tweet just above to download the new camera mod, which is available via the modder's Discord server, and gain access to one of FromSoftware's own development tools.

This should mean Bloodborne will trend on Twitter, yet again, when players properly get to grips with the new mod. It feels like Bloodborne trends on Twitter every other week at this point, as players beg Sony and FromSoftware for some sort of revival or remaster. Hey, when Bloodborne is this good, can you really blame players for wanting a shinier version?

If you're after a new Bloodborne-like adventure, look no further than Lies of P, which is out later this year in August for consoles and PC.

Hirun Cryer

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