BLOG Battlestar Expectations

Are you watching Battlestar Galactica? Here on SFX we consider it unmissable TV. But blogger Jamie Starbuck (coincidental name, no?) has a personal take on the run of episodes approaching the finale:

The End Of Battlestar Galactica

At some point however the law of diminishing returns came in to effect. I suspect it's something that will only be seen with a re-watch because as we were going through, carried along on a tide of excitement, I for one forgave every little hiccup and couldn't wait for the next week. Which fan didn't cry in anguish when it was announced there was going to be an end with four seasons? But, Ronald D Moore proclaimed, it will give us a chance to plan with exactitude what is to happen, for there shall be no filler. "Hurrah!" cried the fans.

We admit, we're not sure what the pigeon scene was about in the previous episode, but we still love BSG and think it's shaping up for an explosive finale. This post above is a personal article by Jamie Starbuck, one of our new bloggers - read more about our volunteer contributors on this dedicated page .

So, are you a BSG fan? Are you quaking with anticipation about the series finale this Friday night (Tuesday in the UK on Sky)? Let us know what you think's been the best and worst of this season.

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