BlizzCon 2009 in pictures

Maybe you had a date Friday night; maybe you broke both your legs in a freak accident; maybe you hate World of Warcraft. Whatever your excuse for missing BlizzCon this last weekend, you made the wrong choice. Luckily for you, we made the right choice last week, and brought you the latest updates about World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Diablo III, StarCraft II, and plans for updates to in our BlizzCon 2009 Round-up.

Today, we bring you glorious pictures from Blizzard’s two-day gaming bash. It’s like you were actually there getting a face full of foam from the Prince of Darkness himself!

Amazing sights from BlizzCon 2009

Above: BlizzCon, the place where gamers learn about the big three: WoW, SC II, and Diablo III

Above: An extremely detailed miniature of a deluxe War Mammoth, complete with sidecar. We touched it

Above: An advanced look at the new leveling progression by zone. Learn it

Above: Lok’tar ogar bitches

Above: The StarCraft II station before the show began

Above: As expected, the station was packed

Above: Advertisements for gold farming services were frowned upon at the graffiti wall

Above: The StarCraft gyroscope made you feel like a real Terran

Above: If bright flower prints and colors could kill…

Above: An epic mural of the Goblins, one of the two new races in the next WoW expansion

Above: The Worgen were represented as well, and will be sure to please Alliance noobs and furry fans

People playing WoW while at BlizzCon

We love ourselves some WoW. But the last thing we expected to see were the crowds of players taking a timeout during BlizzCon to play WoW on their personal accounts. C’mon people! You can do that anytime at home!