Blizzard's president really wants you to know that Diablo 4 loot is good now

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Diablo 4's loot is good now, and Blizzard's president really wants you to know it.

Since Diablo 4's launch earlier this year, fans have found the loot in the action-RPG to be rather lacklustre. As one recently put it, "you feel like a professional trash-sifter more than an adventurer." Having listened to player feedback, Blizzard has implemented changes to Diablo 4 Season 2, aka the Season of Blood, to make loot much more rewarding.

Over on Twitter, Blizzard president Mike Ybarra sang the praises of the new system, saying, "the loot drops in Diablo 4 Season 2 = pretty insane. Definitely check out the new Blood Harvest zones and spawn those bosses who drop tons of loot." In the comments, he explains that loot now scales by monster level. "Basically every level you gain, new and better loot is available. No more hitting level 60 and getting the 'same' stuff all the way to 100."

Seemingly concerned that players might not have gotten the message that loot is now good, Ybarra again took to Twitter a couple of hours later to really drive the point home. 

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Those improved drop rates already appear to be paying off, as one Diablo 4 player managed to snag an Uber Unique mere hours after Season 2's arrival. The new season also saw Sorcerers, largely deemed the game's worst class, get a 400% buff and significantly boost the rate at which you gain levels. According to Blizzard, you can get to level 100 "40% faster" compared to Season 1. On top of that, the developer is promising that quality-of-life changes will be added at various points throughout the season, not just at the beginning.

Diablo 4 recently launched to mixed Steam reviews despite selling very well.

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