Diablo 4's worst class is getting a 400% buff to bring it back to life, but fans worry even that may not be enough

Diablo 4
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Diablo 4’s worst class is getting some major buffs in the upcoming patch 1.2.0.

Blizzard held another developer update last night to rundown the changes coming to Diablo 4 in Season 2, called Season of Blood. We knew what the broad strokes were regarding classes, itemization, and damage changes, but the season’s exhaustive patch notes had several other eye-catching adjustments.

Sorcerer mains were particularly encouraged, as it was often cited as Diablo 4’s worst class, but the underdog spell-slinger is enjoying meaty damage boosts to several abilities. Summoned Hydra damage, for example, is being “increased from 12% to 60%” - a 400% boost. The Incinerate ability, meanwhile, halves its ramp-up time from 4 seconds to 2 seconds, so even though the damage has stayed stagnant, you’ll still get double the use out of the fire spell. No Sorcerer skills are getting a damage nerf, thankfully.

The reaction to these upcoming changes has been somewhat positive. “Hydra is back,” celebrated Tales90. Another Redditor, Its_Helios said: “Looks like it’s time to start a sorcerer.”

Some other players were still peeved by the slow progress, though. “[I don’t know] how Incinerate will ever be good if it doesn’t count as burn damage,” said one commenter. Some players were also disappointed that Blizzard hadn’t addressed the Sorcerer’s other issues. “The real issue remaining,” explained The–Mash, “is the total lack of armor available to Sorcs. Our resists are gonna be a bit better than everyone else’s, but we’re still gonna get 1-shot by Corpse Bows.” Another fan put it quite succinctly: "A few more patches and the class might finally be fun to play."

Diablo 4: Season 2 and patch 1.2.0 will drop on October 17th. The season is also bringing quality-of-life features and a Steam version, but the Battle Pass items are once again not impressing players

Elsewhere, a Diablo 4 developer said that Season 2 will be “enough of a motivating factor for people to come back and play.”

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