Diablo 4 Season 2 battle pass items aren't wowing fans: "This is very mid and worthy of skipping"

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With the release of Diablo 4 Season 2 fast approaching, Blizzard has revealed the rewards players can expect in the new battle pass, and they've been met with a rather frosty reception.

According to Blizzard's official website, for Diablo 4 Season 2, aka Season of Blood, the premium battle pass offerings include some vampire-themed armor - plus a matching set for your steed - the Famished Thoroughbred Mount, weapon skins, emotes, platinum, and other odds and ends. But it's seemingly far from enough to entice many Diablo 4 players to go down the paid battle pass route. 

"Other than the mount armor, this is very mid and worthy of skipping," user hlpb writes over on the Diablo 4 subreddit. "Agreed," says Panda-Banana1, adding, "The horse armor is dope, matching armor for all classes would be dope too but I'm willing to bet that shows up as individual class specific purchases at some point." Feeling much the same, awsinclai comments, "I might play season 2 but I'm not buying that battle pass."

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Some are also peeved at the similarity between the latest offerings and those in Season of the Malignant. "I was about to contest that the armour looks good for Necro but it is incredibly similar to season 1," VagueSomething says. While others aren't too keen on the free rewards, which include "role-playing clothing" and a mount trophy. Animapius writes, "The disparity between free (peasant) and paid (vampiric) cosmetics is laughable… Keep s***ting on '70$ only' players, Blizzard."

Not all Diablo 4 fans are put off by the items Season of Blood offers, though, "Disagree, I really like the red town portal, mount, horse armour and the throne," says TotalConfetti. "Already enjoying the game in S1 and will be going premium again for s2." Sinyr also points out that as the premium battle pass now offers 700 platinum instead of 666, "you will have enough coins every 3 seasons to get 1 BP for free."

Previously, Diablo 4 players described Battle Pass' 666 coin reward as being "mathematically the scummiest amount Blizzard could have given", as after purchasing passes for three seasons, you'd be two coins shy of getting a freebie.

Elsewhere, Activision Blizzard has confirmed it has "no plans" to bring Modern Warfare 3 or Diablo 4 to Game Pass this year if the Microsoft deal goes ahead.

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