Blizzard's advice for WoW Classic players getting disconnected while jumping is to just stop jumping

A WoW Classic player chased by a dinosaur in a green forest
(Image credit: Blizzard)

World of Warcraft Classic players in the Public Test Realm are being warned not to jump during combat to avoid crashing.

Per Wowhead, Blizzard has responded to reports from WoW Classic PTR players experiencing disconnects - and often subsequent deaths - while jumping. In one reply to a player, the studio says a fix is in the works and should arrive "next week," but in the meantime advises the player to simply avoid jumping during combat scenarios.

"We are aware of this issue and hope to have a fix in for our build update next week," reads Blizzard's response. "In the meantime please avoid jumping in combat as this is indeed caused by being stunned/rooted/otherwise CC'd in mid-air. Thanks for the report and condolences for the character death!"

To be clear, reports of crashes during jumping seem to be tied exclusively to the Wow Classic PTR servers, specifically in Hardcore mode, so those playing on the normal servers shouldn't have to worry about jump-related deaths any time soon.

Still, it's definitely an unconventional solution from Blizzard, even if it's only a stopgap in between a more permanent fix. Have you ever seen a WoW fight? People are jumping all over the place. The ground might as well be made of trampoline stuff. For a lot of players, and especially certain classes like Hunter, jumping is a crucial part of their PvP strategy, and the compulsion is probably baked into their muscle memory - for them, simply not jumping likely isn't a viable remedy.

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