BLASTERMIND Brothers And Sisters

Famous acting siblings are nothing new (hell, the Redgraves, the Baldwins and the Sheens have made it a family business) but did you realise how many examples there are from the world of science fiction and fantasy?

So your task today is to identify the 10 actors at the top below, then connect each one to the film pictured below that stars their sibling. So we’re looking for answers in the form of A1, 2B, 3C, etc. Get it?

Usual request: Please don’t put answers in the comments section below (though feel free to use it to boast/bemoan how well/badly you’re doing) but the folks on this thread are quite happy for you to post and discuss answers if you follow the golden rule of only posting answers in invisible text (if you don’t know how ask somebody there – they’re very friendly).

Answers on the next page…

Identify the following actors (who all have some sci-fi or fantasy roles on their CVs)…

…and then link them to the films below in which their brothers or sisters appears

Answers on the next page…

The following actors are:

A = Beau Bridges, whose brother Jeff Bridges was in Tron Legacy (1)
B = Aaron Ashmore, whose brother Shawn Ashmore was in X2 (7)
C = Mark Wahlberg, whose brother Donnie Wahlberg was in The Sixth Sense (10)
D = Maggie Gyllenhaal, whose brother Jake Gyllenhaal was in Source Code (9)
E = Macaulay Culkin, whose brother Kieran Culkin was in Scott Pilgrim Versus The World ** (6)
F = Randy Quaid whose brother Dennis Quaid was in Innerspace (4)
G = Jane Fonda, whose brother Peter Fonda was in Ghost Rider * (5)
H = River Phoenix, whose brother Joaquin Phoenix was in Signs (8)
I = Eric Roberts, whose sister Julia Robert was in Flatliners (3)
J = Joan Cuasck, whose brother John Cusasck was in 2012 (2)

(* He was tricked – he though it was an Easy Rider sequel)

(** Rory Culkin also appeared in Signs , but if you went down that route the answers didn’t work out…)

…and then link them to the films below in which their brothers or sisters appears

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