Black Widow deleted scenes revealed thanks to the movie's upcoming DVD release

Black Widow
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Black Widow may currently be available to rent on Disney Plus, but the new Marvel movie will also be available on physical media very soon.

Thanks to the upcoming DVD release, we now have a list of Black Widow deleted scenes that will be released on the disk, including one where General Ross and Mason receive a message from Natasha, and another where Natasha grieves for a fallen comrade. Here's the full list of scenes that will soon be available:

  • Grocery Shopping – Natasha heads into a grocery store to prepare for her journey through Norway. After a long drive, she arrives at her destination: a mysterious trailer in the middle of nowhere.
  • Bike Chase – Tailed by assailants, Natasha and Yelena speed through the city in order to escape their nemeses.
  • Gulag Fight – Alexei squares up against several enemies and is quickly overpowered. When all hope seems lost, Natasha leaps in to lend a hand in the fight.
  • Smile – The Taskmaster protocol is activated in a tense moment, and an iconic helmet is unveiled.
  • Come After Me – Secretary Ross and Mason discover an important message Natasha left behind.
  • Walk and Talk – Alexei and Melina have a playful exchange. The Taskmaster arrives and faces off with Alexei.
  • Widows in Training – Yelena and Alexei awaken in captivity. Melina hands the Taskmaster vials while the Widows train.
  • Kiss – Alexei and Melina reunite after the action. Natasha grieves over an untimely demise in the brutal aftermath.
  • Ohio – Natasha witnesses the carefree nature of the Ohio suburbs through the neighborhood children.

Without actually seeing the scenes, it's hard to know the specifics. An educated guess would say that the "Come After Me" scene would likely see Natasha leaving behind a message for Ross midway through the movie, revealing where the flying fortress is and therefore explaining how Ross knows where Natasha will be at the end of the movie. There's also the "Kiss" scene, in which Natasha grieves, presumably for a fallen fellow Black Widow, though let the rumors run rampant that Yelena was originally intended to die! (We very much doubt that...)

In the UK, Scarlett Johansson's swansong will be released on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K on September 13. For more, check out our spoiler-filled explainers on the Black Widow ending and the Black Widow post-credits scene

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