Black Mask gets personal in Batman Arkham Origins launch trailer

Warner Bros. has released the Batman: Arkham Origins launch trailer, which showcases sadistic crime lord Black Mask (aka Roman Sionis). Determined to tighten his grip on Gotham, the only thing the ruthless gang leader wants for Christmas in this Arkham prequel is the head of a young Batman, so he places a bounty on it, sending some of the city’s most lethal killers on the hunt for the young crime-fighter.

Batman Arkham Origins is set for release on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC this Friday, October 25. However, in Europe, Warner Bros. has delayed the Wii U and physical PC versions of the game by two weeks to November 8. To get a better look at the title in action, check out 17 minutes of gameplay footage released earlier this week.