Black Friday game deals 2018 - what to expect in November

black friday game deals

The Black Friday game deals are close - just over a month away - and 2018 is all poised to be an excellent year for picking up a bargain. What will be on sale during Black Friday 2018? Expect some excellent prices on games (we expect big hitters like God of War will get a reduction), some massive savings on the latest 4K TVs, and a generous quantity of discounts on all kinds of gaming tech, like headsets, hard drives, console bundles and more. Basically, if you need it in your gaming life, you'll probably be able to save money on it during Black Friday.

The actual event is November 23, but the Black Friday game deals will kick off long before that - likely a week or two before BF. The biggest retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Argos, and NewEgg etc all tend to have a two-week sale period to showcase their deals for as long as possible, so you'll get plenty of opportunities to spend some money. With Christmas just around the corner it's the best time to pick up a PS4 Pro deal or an Xbox One X deal for yourself, and maybe grab something else for family members, like one of the best Nintendo Switch bundle deal. Throughout the Black Friday period we'll feature the best game deals right here, so you won't miss a thing, updating it every few minutes to let you know what's hot and in stock. Bookmark the page, ignore your bank statements*, and prepare to grab a bargain on Black Friday 2018.

*Look, don't ignore your bank statements - that's no way to live. But maybe treat yourself a bit.

Black Friday 2018 date - when is it?

Officially, Black Friday 2018 is on November 23, 2018. That's, er, a Friday obviously. The majority of the actual BF deals become available throughout the week, so you're likely to see savings from November 19 until likely November 30 and beyond. Cyber Monday 2018 is on November 26, which is - yes - a Monday.

Black Friday 2018 - what is it?

Black Friday is a shopping discount 'day' that started in the US and spread through the rest of the world. Essentially, it's a global pre-Christmas sale, designed to help buyers snap up gifts for the family, and to treat themselves in the process, making the cost of the holiday period a little cheaper. Most retailers take part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but the biggest are people like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, NewEgg etc. They offer savings across their whole range, usually, so while you're probably here looking for gaming deals and tech, you can also grab things like shoes, toothbrushes, toys, tents and everything in between.

What's the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday? At this point, very little. Cyber Monday used to be the day following Black Friday where tech was on sale, with Black Friday offering discounts on more general items. That distinction no longer applies, and you can pick up cheap tech throughout the whole period. You do occasionally find better offers on gaming, PC, and TVs during Cyber Monday, but it's becoming increasingly rare.

Black Friday 2018 deals - what to expect

Last year's Black Friday was all about 4K TVs, Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro and other bits of gaming hardware. The Xbox One X had only just been released by Microsoft, so - aside from a rare, expensive bundle - you couldn't find the console particularly cheap. Microsoft did try and shift a LOT of Xbox One S consoles in 2017, however. Headsets and hard drives are always popular, along with PC peripherals like monitors, keyboards, and mice. And you can usually pick up a cracking deal on certain movie and TV box sets, if that's still your thing.

The Black Friday 2018 gaming deals will almost certainly focus on the following things: Nintendo Switch bundles, 4K TVs, Xbox One X bundles, and PC hardware. Switch continues to be a desirable second console for most gamers, thanks to its portability, and Nintendo rarely offers it for a discounted price. Black Friday, however, is lead by the retailers, so you can expect to see good prices on a Switch. For now, check out our best Nintendo Switch bundle deals, to get an idea of what you'll be able to buy.

4K TVs continue to tumble in price, and Black Friday is always HUGE business for TV retailers as they look to shift stock ahead of 2019's models. 2018 has seen even more sources of 4K content open up, and as the number of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X owners grows, the potential customer pool for 4K TVs is getting larger every day. Expect Black Friday to bring high-end 4K tech into semi-affordable price ranges - in other words, if you fancy an OLED or QLED TV, you'll likely be able to pick on up for less than $1000 (or maybe even $800) on Black Friday / Cyber Monday. That, by the way, would be an AMAZING deal. If you're unsure what the advantages of OLED and QLED are, here's our guide to LG's OLED 4K TVs, and Samsung's QLED 4K TVs. They're both brilliant for gaming.

Elsewhere, yes, Xbox One X will be on sale. By November it'll have been available for over a year, and that is the prime time for getting a good deal on a bundle. Microsoft will use Black Friday to try and increase the number of people who own Xbox One X, and that means wallet-bothering savings for you.

And PC components should, finally, be a big part of Black Friday 2018. With Nvidia recently releasing the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, and the collapse of Crypto currency markets, PC parts are becoming more affordable every day. BF could well be the time to snap up one of the best graphics cards for PC gaming, or one of the best gaming monitors out there. They're both expensive items, so savings are ALWAYS welcome.

Black Friday 2017 - what happened last year?

Simply put, last year was carnage on Nintendo Switch. Amazon announced a handful of Lightning Deals on a Switch bundle that included Super Mario Odyssey, and they sold out in 92 seconds. That was brutal. Uncharted 4 went for $15 (and it went fast), there was a 55" curved Samsung 4K TV for $600 off (making it half price), and you could pick up all three Lord of the Rings movies on Blu Ray for - wait for it - $5. Madness. We were regularly seeing Xbox One S bundles for less than $250 too, with some even slipping beneath $220.

Some toys and peripherals went down to low prices too, with headsets especially getting significant reductions. And while there weren't a huge number of great game discounts, there were a handful that broke out. DOOM for about $9 was a zinger.

Black Friday 2018 - what to expect on GamesRadar

We'll be working round the clock throughout the whole Black Friday period to bring you the best deals on games, gaming tech, TVs, and anything cool you might be interested in. This article will be constantly updated with the best deals we can find; the stuff you can buy and own right there and then. We'll be focused on games, TV, movies and geek culture - basically the stuff you visit our site for anyway. No toothbrushes and shoes here.

We'll have other articles specifically calling out the best deals too, but obviously you won't see them until Black Friday happens. For now, here are our core Buying Guides for the main consoles, so you can get a flavor for how prices are right now. Don't hold off buying something if you see a good price right now, but keep in mind that full-priced items will likely be discounted during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

And if you're looking for other tech, beyond consoles, we have a limited selection of Buying Guides right here. Again, great for price comparisons, but also for spotting a bargain or two right now. Happy hunting!