The Black Friday game deals are here! Many of the major retailers have started their Black Friday deals early, and there are loads of game offers to be had. Right now Amazon is offering 25% off their range of gaming monitors, and there are some great prices in there, including 30% off this LG 29" freesync monitor. It's going to be a good time to buy if you're looking for a new monitor, a fresh headset, or even a massive 4K TV. This massive 75" Samsung 4K TV is 25% off at Walmart, and it's a great set for gaming. And if you're looking for a game or two this Black Friday, then Amazon currently has FIFA 19 for £34 on Xbox One, and £37 on PS4 - that's about a 20% saving.

What else can you expect from the Black Friday game deals in 2018? There will be loads more 4K TVs seeing big savings, and you can expect to pick up a great deal on gaming headsets too. If you're looking for console bundles, the one to choose this year is the Xbox One X, as Microsoft has officially cut the price in the US by $100, so the X actually starts at $399 now. You'll see savings on PS4 and Xbox One bundles too, with most retailers previewing their deals at $199 with a game. On PS4 it's going to be Spider-Man and on Xbox One it's likely to be Forza 7. Elsewhere, we know there are cheaper switch bundles with Mario Kart 8, going for about $299 (which means you're getting MK8 for free). Will these prices get lower? Maybe, although Nintendo doesn't like discounting the Switch, so you may need to look at the bundles for now.

Black Friday game deals

PS4 deals

FIFA 19 on PS4 is £36.99 at Amazon (was £48.99)
Grab the best football game around and save yourself £12. That's almost a 30% saving off the full price.View Deal

PlayStation VR starter kit + Astrobot Rescue + Doom is £179 at Amazon (save £28)
If you're looking to get set-up in VR, this is the bundle to get. Anything less than £200 is good, but with 2 games too? That's awesome.View Deal

PS4 - what else to expect

So, what PS4 deals can you expect to see on Black Friday 2018? We'll start with consoles and bundles. This year will be your best chance ever to pick up a PS4 Pro deal. We've run some numbers and looked at historical trends to work out how cheap you might be able to pick up a Pro, and the answer is... well, it's likely to be $320-330 in the US, and about £270-280 in the UK. While we saw good prices in 2017 (a PS4 Pro + Destiny 2 dropped to $350), the deals won't go massively lower this year. Why? Red Dead Redemption 2 is selling Pros like the very hottest of cakes, so there's less incentive for retailers to drop their prices too low. But there will be competition, and that means cheaper PS4s for you.

What about the PS4 Slim? Well, Target has already said that it'll be offering the Slim + Spider-Man for $200 while stocks last, which is pretty decent. Expect most PS4 Slims to be around that price, with different numbers of games bundled in. The best PS4 bundle deals this Black Friday will be the Slim with a couple of good games for $200 / £180... If you find these, you're laughing. Buy immediately. 

What about the PS4 games? Well, God of War is ripe for discounting, so if you haven't played Sony's Norse masterpiece, you should buy this one if it hits $35 / £30 or less. It's easily the best game of 2018, so you need to experience it right now. You'll see a small discount on Spider-Man - that should go for about $45 / £40 - and you'll likely see some great prices on Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Black Ops 4 too. They should drop to maybe $40 / £35. The best bargain, though, could be Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which launched in September. $25 / £20 for that game? Don't be surprised - it sold very poorly at launch, and Square will be looking to give it a big push around Black Friday.

The best PS4 deals will be right here, in this feature, but for everything else Sony-shaped, here's where all our Black Friday PS4 deals will live.

Xbox One deals

Red Dead Redemption 2 + $10 Xbox One gift card is $58.89 at Walmart
What you're getting here is the best Xbox One game of 2018, with $10 of Xbox credit for free. That's the best deal you'll get on Red Dead 2 this Black Friday.View Deal

FIFA 19 on Xbox One is £34 at Amazon (save £13)
You get a decent saving off the regular price of £46.99 for a copy of the best football game around. If you're looking to snap up FIFA, this is how you do it.View Deal

Seagate 2TB Official Xbox One HDD is $81.64 at Walmart
If you're looking to expand your storage space, this official Xbox One HDD is currently $18 off at Walmart.View Deal

Xbox One - what else to expect

As with Sony's deals, the big focus for Microsoft will be 4K. So, it'll be looking to sell plenty of Xbox One X deals during Black Friday. It's an interesting time for Microsoft, because the X is just over a year old and will need to drop in price to convince more people to upgrade from their S. The curse of the Xbox One X is that, while it's more powerful, the S is still a great console that offers 4K Blu-ray and HDR at a far cheaper price. So, this Black Friday, you'll definitely see the Xbox One X fall to about $399 / £350. It's already hitting about $460 (this rather cool Xbox One X with NBA 2K19 is $468 on Amazon), and you can expect that to drop much lower. Microsoft is attempting to offer its own Xbox One X bundles with Battlefield 5 and Fallout 76, but they're priced way too high, so expect retailer deals to be much better.

In terms of the Xbox One S? Look, the console may be older, but it's probably the best value gaming device you can buy right now. The best deal at the moment is the Xbox One S with NBA 2K19 for $263 at Amazon, but you can expect Xbox to match the PS4 Slim deals and hit $200 / £180. For a console that does HDR and acts as a 4K Blu-ray player... that's an incredible price, so if you see one, do snap it up.

As for the games? Well, it'll be a similar story to PS4. You won't see price reductions on Red Dead 2, but you'll very likely be able to pick up Forza Horizon 4 for about $45 / £40, Assassin's Creed Odyssey for $35 / £30, and Black Ops 4 for about $40 / £35. Again, if you're waiting to pick up Shadow of the Tomb Raider, there should be some very attractive prices - likely to go as low as $30 / £25. And that's a fine price for Lara's latest.

We'll update this feature with the very best Xbox offers, but here's our guide to all the Black Friday Xbox One deals.

Nintendo deals

Nintendo Switch + Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu + Just Dance is £299 at Amazon (saving £56)
The hottest console of the moment, with the biggest game. And Just Dance included too. This is the best UK Switch bundle you'll find.View Deal

Official Nintendo Switch portable charger is £39.99 from (you save 50%)
This little gadget will extend your Switch's battery life by 15 hours, and right now it's half price. View Deal

Nintendo Switch - what else to expect

Nintendo is a little different when it comes to Black Friday 2018. It doesn't care about 4K, and demand for the Switch is still pretty high, despite the lack of recent game releases. So, prices on the best Nintendo Switch bundles won't go much below $280 / £265. What you're likely to see with the Switch is more games and accessories thrown in to each pack. So, for example, you'll likely get a Switch with Mario Kart 8 and Mario Tennis Aces for about $320. Hey, that's not bad, but it won't save you much money either. The best place to buy a Switch will be Amazon Lightning Deals. In previous years the hottest Nintendo Switch deals were these limited time offers, and they sold out in a few minutes. In the UK last year, a Switch with Super Mario Odyssey for £269 sold out in about 90 seconds.

What about Switch games? Well, Nintendo is notoriously mean about discounting its first-party games, so you may not see decent discounts on the likes of Zelda or Super Mario Odyssey. What you will get is Mario Tennis Aces for about $30 / £25, because few people bought it at release. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle may drop to $25 / £20, and you should see a few dollars knocked off the recent Starlink game from Ubisoft. Elsewhere, Pokemon will be new, so no savings there. Super Mario Party will likely fall to about $45 / £40, and you should see Mario Kart 8 Deluxe come down to $50 / £45.

We'll include the top Ninty deals right here, but here's where all the best Black Friday Nintendo deals will live.

4K TV deals

Samsung 75" 4K TV (2018 model) is $1,197.99 at Walmart (save $300)
If you're looking to go big with your 4K gaming TV, this deal from Samsung is incredible. A best in class TV for $300 less. View Deal

4K TVs - what else to expect

The biggest discounts during Black Friday have always been on TVs. Last year, it made mid-range 4K sets affordable to all, and 2018 will represent the first time OLED and QLED technology is affordable to the average consumer. That's brilliant news for  gamers, because the added fidelity and deeper blacks of OLED really makes the likes of Red Dead 2 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey pop. Right now, the best gaming TV of 2018 - the LG OLED C8PUA is available for $1897 - which is already a saving of $300. That's a brilliant deal on a stunning TV. You may or may not get that specific LG for less on Black Friday but what is certain is that we'll see big discounts on the hottest TVs, and someone - likely Samsung - will drop a QLED for less than $1000 / £1000. At that price, while it's not 'affordable', it becomes a brilliant deal, so it's worth seeing if you can stretch the bank balance.

If you're looking for the cheapest 4K TV you can get, then expect the bottom prices to be around $350 / £300 for about 42 inches. That's for a TV from a reputable manufacturer, like LG or Samsung. What's more, the latest sets from TCL and Phillips - who have struggled with quality in the past - are going to be getting cheaper, so you'll likely be able to pick up a decent, reliable 4K TV from these in about 55 inches for around $399 / £370. This TCL 55 inch R617 set is $650 right now, and it's a good deal. The 2018 models from TCL are MUCH improved on 2017 and 2016, so keep that in mind. If size really matters to you, but you don't have the dollars for a premium OLED... you'll clean up on Black Friday.

We'll have the hottest 4K TV deals here, but for all the Black Friday 4K TV deals we have a guide.

PC deals

LG 29WK500 29-inch gaming monitor is £172.99 (was £249) at Amazon
There's 30% off this excellent gaming monitor at Amazon right now. It's a decent size, has freesync, and is from LG who make excellent AV tech.View Deal

Samsung QLED LC49HG90 curved gaming monitor is £719.99 at Amazon (was £1029.99)
You save a colossal 30% on this high-end gaming monitor, with Samsung's amazing QLED tech. It's pricey, but you get a LOT of monitor for your money.View Deal

PC deals - what else to expect

It's going to be an exciting Black Friday for PC deals. With the price of graphics cards falling, thanks to the fall of Bitcoin and the introduction of Nvidia's 20 series, that will not only be good fo PC builders, but it'll have a knock on effect for pre-built PCs. If the components are cheaper, the PCs are cheaper and everyone wins. It's tough to say how low pre-built PCs will go, but whereas you're getting this Alienware Aurora R7 for about $1450 right now, you can expect it - and equivalent PC builds - to fall by another $200-300. That's a great deal on a PC with this kind of spec (i7-8700 CPU, 1070 GTX GPU, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD), and you'll definitely find PCs with better GPUs and more HDD space as needed. Here are the current best gaming PCs.

In terms of components, well, expect 1080s to see about $50-70 / £40-60 savings, and some other parts to get similar discounts. Likely between 10-15% of what they are now. Black Friday isn't huge for raw components, but it's not bad either. 

Where you'll see the biggest PC savings is in the best gaming monitors, and on keyboards and mice. Prices get massively slashed on monitors especially, as they seem to obey the same rules as 4K TVs. Something like this brill ASUS ROG Swift 27 inch monitor will likely fall to about $500 / £470. If it does, then you should definitely buy it. Peripheral manufacturers like Razer, Logitech, Corsair and HyperX always slash prices during Black Friday, so if you're looking to pick up the best gaming keyboard you can get, or a new gaming mouse... it'll be the right time. 

Other PC parts like speakers, headsets, routers and Wifi dongles will all go on sale too. We'll list all the premium PC stuff here, but we have a separate article for the best Black Friday PC deals.

Headset deals

Gaming headsets always sell extremely well during Black Friday. Why? Because they're often pretty expensive, but having a good gaming headset is essential for today's biggest games. So, any opportunity to save cash and get something a little better than you'd normally be able to afford is welcome. Our best PS4 headset - the Razer Kraken Pro V2 - is currently 25% off ($59.99), so that's worth picking up right now. It's also one of the best Xbox One headsets too. While we won't see that particular headset get much cheaper during Black Friday, we will see high-end cans drop in price.

Expect some Turtle Beach headsets to drop, like the Elite Pro Atlas, and some regular headphones to go on sale too. These brilliant Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones sold very well during Amazon Prime Day in July, so expect them to go cheap again, along with the likes of Sennheiser and Beats.

We'll list the best gaming headset deals here.

Black Friday game deals - our promise to you

The wealth of Black Friday game deals on offer in November is, quite frankly, very confusing. We're here to hunt down the genuine best deals, and tell you about them, to help save you money. We know games, we know PC, we know hardware and peripherals, so we know what you might actually want.

We only recommend deals that are actually good. By 'good' we mean: Is the product or bundle ACTUALLY worth buying? Would we buy it ourselves? If the answer is 'Yes' to both these questions, we'll include it here. And by 'deals' we mean: Is the product or bundle actually a bargain? Is there a big enough saving to genuinely recommend you buy it immediately, or seriously consider buying it? Again, if the answer is 'Yes' to both these questions, we will include it in this feature.

We won't include bad deals or poor products, and we will never recommend products from retailers that we don't trust ourselves.

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