BioWare will make this Mass Effect N7 Sentry visor if enough people order it

Mass Effect N7 Sentry Interface replica
(Image credit: BioWare)

You can now pre-order a wearable Mass Effect N7 Sentry Interface, a helmet customization option from Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. Check it out here

The visor includes a pretty cool blue LED-lit visor and carbon fiber headpiece that wraps around Shepard's head. It was part of the Sentry Interface DLC in Mass Effect 2 and was also available in Mass Effect 3. 

As far as helmets go, the N7 Sentry is one of the coolest, as it gives you a chance to keep a helmet on Shepard without covering their face. Since I spend quite a bit of time making my FemShep every Mass Effect playthrough (and especially since the Legendary Edition launched with revamped visuals), I appreciate a helmet that adds some protection without blocking the Commander's visage. And as far as helmet replicas go, this will certainly be a lot more comfortable than the wearable helmet that was included in the Mass Effect Legendary cache. 

The N7 Sentry Interface replica is a "passion project" which means BioWare needs 3,000 orders in order to move on production, but essentially this acts as a pre-order. The listing for the $50 visor states: "We've already done a significant amount of the R&D and have pre-production samples created (pictured). If we hit our goal, we will start to create the molds and tooling required to go into production. After we get the tooling finished, we will start production and you will get your product. If we don’t fund, you will get your money back 100%."

If you want a chance to wear the incredibly cool N7 Sentry Interface replica, make sure you get that pre-order in. It's due to ship sometime in September 2022, and the campaign to get it made lasts until December 7, 2021. 

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