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Bioware says Mass Effect: Andromeda on Scorpio is "something we'd definitely consider looking at"

In a recent interview with Official Xbox Magazine Mass Effect: Andromeda (opens in new tab)'s creative director Mac Walters has suggested a Project Scorpio (Microsoft's upgraded console expected later this year) version of the game could well be a possibility. 

When asked if Mass Effect: Andromeda could expect a similar level of enthusiasm or support for Project Scorpio as the PS4 Pro enhancements, Walters answered: "Given our Spring release date, I'm not sure exactly what we're going to be able to support at that time, but we have a strong service plan for ME that will continue past our release date." Crucially, he adds that, "if we do a Game of the Year edition, or a future edition or something like that, that's something we'd definitely consider looking at, for sure."

Previously, producer Michael Gamble had said there were "no plans right now" (opens in new tab)when asked about a Scorpio version. It does seem to mainly be a timing issue right now, as obviously the Scorpio won't exist until a long time after Mass Effect: Andromeda's release, but Walter's comments fuel a little hope that we could eventually see a Scorpio enhanced GOTY edition later on. 

You can read more about Scorpio and Mass Effect: Andromeda in this month's issue of Official Xbox Magazine which is in the shops now. Or you can buy or subscribe online (opens in new tab)

This month's issue also has new info on Prey (opens in new tab), Sea Of Thieves (opens in new tab) and Ghost Recon Wildlands (opens in new tab). There'll also be a bigger look at Mass Effect: Andromeda in the next issue, which hits the shops on February 10. 

Leon Hurley
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