BioShock Plasmid Guide

Security Bullseye

What is it?

A glowing blue orb that marks enemies as threats to Rapture's security system. Cameras, turrets and bots will hunt a Splicer tagged with Security Bullseye as fiercely as they would you. Sweet, sweet vengeance!

When should I use it?

Security Bullseye is probably the most useless plasmid in your arsenal - or at least the most inconvenient. When you happen to discover an enemy wandering in view of a security device and happen to have the power equipped, everything proceeds fantastically. Nothing's more satisfying than watching a few of those blasted turret bots chase someone else for a change.

But opportune moments to use Security Bullseye don't crop up randomly very often. And on the rare occasion that they do, you'll probably have a different plasmid equipped in its place. We suggest playing around with Security Bullseye when you first receive it, as the game will provide you with a few obviously perfect chances to test it out.

After that, consider it dead weight.

Does it work against a Big Daddy?

The best Big Daddy fights are those that don't even require you to lift a finger. If you catch one stomping through a heavily monitored area, tossing a Security orb at him will cue a light-and-smoke stunt show the likes of which you have never seen. Seriously, grab some popcorn - these matches are even crazier than a mob of Splicers on Enrage.

Plus, our snide dismissal of the Security Bullseye plasmid doesn't apply to Big Daddies. Since these are showdowns you usually want to spend time arranging in your favor, it's logical to make a special trip just to re-equip the plasmid. Of course, if you have to travel too far to find a Gene Bank, you run the risk of the Big Daddy not being in the right area when you return.

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