BioShock Infinite DLC news coming this month

It seems the excruciating wait for information onBioShock Infinite's promised campaign additions might soon be over, with the news that developer Irrational Games will be revealing details before the end of July.

Creative Director Ken Levine recently explained on Twitter that development of the narrative DLC is going well, but pleaded for patience amongst the game's fanbase while offering no indication of a potential release date. Now however, Joystiq is reporting communication from an Irrational Games rep pledging DLC-related information by the end of the month. While no specific details have been mentioned, it's probably a safe bet to expect a run-down of the three-part DLC's content, along with an announcement of its release date. Though theoretically the current statement could just as easily apply to a Skyhook Avatar accessory and a bikini beachwear reskin for Elizabeth.

More details as we get them.

David Houghton
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