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Bigfoot finally discovered as playable in GTA 5 Easter Egg

GTA 5 just keeps getting more interesting. And yes, by interesting I mean the discovery that you can play the game as a giant hairy ape - no, not you, Trevor. In a thoroughly intense Reddit thread, rkRusty has discovered a gold peyote plant that if you eat it, transforms you into Bigfoot himself.

Interests had piqued when a new GTA 5 achievement dropped last week. Named 'Cryptozoologist' its description is 'You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode... or did you?' which led many to believe that there was a creature that was yet to be discovered. Audio files were discovered which suggested that this was Mr Foot himself.

After some intense research and finding sets of co-ordinates in a set of script files that match existing peyote plants, rkRusty went through the map, labelling plants as he went. Some co-ordinates were left over and it was this that led to the discovery of the new plant. Located at -1472.531, 4439.456, 18.862, the gold peyote can apparently only be discovered between 5.30 and 8am when the weather is foggy on PC or snowy on console.

There's a full set of requirements on rkRusty's post but you'll need to have completed the game - 100% not required - and found the other 27 peyotes. The location is below. Good luck.

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