The PlayStation merchandise you need to press X on right now

If having that lovely box under your TV just isn’t enough, it’s time to invest in some PlayStation merchandise to truly embrace your Sony love. And don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to wear a T-shirt with the PlayStation symbols on it, merchandise has come a long way when it comes to just slotting things subtly into your everyday life without anyone but those in the know noticing. From scented candles to art books, coasters to colouring books, here’s the best PlayStation merchandise you can buy right now. 

Crash Bandicoot Scented candle pack 

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Well, at least this answers the 20 year old question of what Wumpa fruit actually smells like. If someone says apples we will hunt you down... Numskull’s triple pack of scented Crash Bandicoot candles promises three distinct fragrances inspired by the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. We just hope it’s not actual TNT which might just smell a little too, well, toasty. Plus, with an impressive burn time of 18-20 hours, you might even be able to get through the perils of The High Road before the wick dies out. 

Buy it: £29.99 from Amazon UK

Stubbins - Aloy, Sack Boy, The Hunter, Nathan Drake plushies

Nope, we can’t even either. Wook at their wittle faces! Stubbins’ ultra cute recreations of Aloy, Sack Boy, Bloodborne’s Hunter, Nathan Drake, and even Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth are ridiculously adorable. All 6” high and ultra-squishable, Stubbins make for perfect desk friends and it’s ok, we won’t tell anyone if you take them to bed with you for extra protection. Aloy will definitely defend you. 

Buy it UK: Aloy is £14.97 from Amazon UK
Buy it US: Aloy is $12.99 from Amazon US

Official Sony PlayStation games coasters

If there’s one thing that everyone is afraid of more than missing a button prompt in Parappa the Rapper, it’s those pesky rings left by slightly wet mugs on coffee tables. Don’t worry, it doesn’t turn you into your gran if you replace traditional coasters with classic PS One boxes. With a high grip base and perfect recreations of WipEout, Parappa, Gran Turismo and Destruction Derby, your coffee table won’t lose any health. 

Buy it UK: £12.99 from Amazon UK
Buy it US: $8.99 from Amazon US

Nendoroid - Nathan Drake

It’s not that Nathan Drake is unattractive in any way, he just doesn’t look quite as gosh darn cute as the Good Smile version. Complete with ridiculously cute holsters, a grappling gun, assault rifle and full articulation, this little version of our favourite historical hunter will make for a squee-inducing addition to your PlayStation cabinet. Just don’t blame us if you end up adding to your collection with Batman and Solid Snake. And you thought Funko Pop figures were addictive.

Buy it UK: £44.99 from Amazon UK
Buy it US: $41.99 from Amazon US

Destiny candles and Ghost candle holder 

Can you ever have too many game related scented candles? Probably not. Especially if you can get an actual Destiny Ghost to use as a candle holder. Complete with the mossy tones of Wormspore and Earth’s Spinmetal scent - cedarwood and sandalwood with pine apparently - these 5 candles will accompany your adventures in Destiny 2. The holder itself is an exact 3D replica of the Generalist Shell Ghost and you know Nolan North is fully approving of your purchase. You’ve awoken the… sweet, sweet smell of a room with a pleasant odour. Mmmm, Relic Iron.

Buy it: £39.99 from Amazon UK

Official PlayStation colouring book 

Ever thought that Nathan Drake should expand his wardrobe to embrace some pinks? Or pondered how Kratos would look as a fetching blue? There are no rules here. Colouring isn’t just for kids, you know; studies have shown that it’s a proven stress-reliever, and can help mitigate high blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia. You too can achieve inner peace while colouring in SackBoy your favourite shade of green. Now there’s an unlikely sentence.  

Buy it UK: £9.98 from Amazon UK
Buy it US: $6.14 from Amazon US

LittleBigPlanet: NECA Kratos figure

How is it possible to look this angry when you’re meant to be knitted and cute? Maybe don’t ask this Kratos version of SackBoy. It doesn’t look the answer will be polite, and he can probably do an awful lot of damage even if he is only 7 inches tall. Kratosack (not his official name) even comes with 2 blades of Athena that fit into holsters on his knitted back. You can buy him standalone or in a set with two other SackBoys.

Buy it UK: £69.95 from Amazon UK
Buy it US: $31.95 from Amazon US

The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn 

If you break down your Aloy-related gameplay time you’ll probably find at least half of it is spent with Horizon Zero Dawn’s photo mode. A world you just can’t help shoot with multiple Instagram filters, Aloy’s surroundings are just full of oh-so-capturable moments. How close can you get that model pose to that Thunder Jaw without it noticing, eh? However, rather than printing out all your screenshots and just casually scattering them across the coffee table, this beautiful artbook might just make you look a little more normal than your screenshot library would have other humans believe. Throw in a slew of commentary from the artists and creators at Guerrilla and this is an artbook worth reading as well as gazing dreamily at the pictures. 

Buy it UK: £23.99 from Amazon UK
Buy it US: £26.08 from Amazon US

Assassin’s Creed Funko Pop figures

Here they are. You knew they were coming. Love them or hate them, Funko Pop figures have taken over the world of merchandise so thoroughly that you’re always going to find at least one that you think is at least slightly cute. Oh go on, they don’t all look dead. Well the Assasins don’t anyway. From Altair to Ezio, Jacon and Evie Frye to Connor, there’s a slew of charming plastic hooded stabbers just waiting to Eagle dive onto your desk or windowsill. Go on, everything is permitted after all. 

Buy it UK: Ezio is £7.99 from Amazon UK
Buy it US: Ezio is $24.95 from Amazon US

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