Bernal to battle Bourne?

Tangier plays host to the first week of shooting for Paul Greengrass and his Bourne Ultimatum bunch, which began rolling on Monday. While Matt Damon is busy leaping over things and looking confused as Jason Bourne, Greengrass is still sweating a little over hiring a suitable thesp to step into the shoes of Bourne’s latest nemesis.

The whispers around Hollywood are that indie kid supreme, Gael Garcia Bernal is top of the list and is currently considering putting pen to paper.

The role is that of a super-assassin who is set to take Bourne out as the amnesia-riddled ex-agent battles to unearth chunks of his past life. Joan Allen and Julia Stiles are returning to the fold from part two and being joined by Good Night, And Good Luck star, David Strathairn.

The shoot will bounce all over the globe, taking in Madrid, New York, London and Paris. Despite the fact they are essentially action flicks, the Bourne series certainly has enough indie cache to interest Bernal – who is presently spending his nights onstage in Michel Gondry’s The Science Of Sleep.

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