Ben Affleck to direct Tell No One

Ben Affleck is attached to direct an American adaptation of the mystery novel Tell No One , already made into a French language film by Guillaume Canet in 2007.

The story, written by Harlan Coben, follows a doctor accused of foul play in the disappearance of his wife a decade earlier.

When he recieves an email purporting to be from his wife, he sets out to save her, and unravels the conspiracy that has kept them apart.

The material seems a good fit, with the twist-filled fast-paced thriller sharing similarities with his first directing effort, Gone Baby Gone .

The French version won 4 Césars (the French Oscars), including Best Director and Best Actor.

An English language adaptation was attempted by Sony, with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci writing. However, that version never came together.

It isn't known whether Affleck will also star in the film, but expect this one to attract big names, and plenty of buzz come awards season.