Being Human Series Four: The Shopping List

Click on the links to buy clothes, posters and props from Being Human series five!

Episode one:

Regus’s Luke Cage t-shirt is available to buy from Forbidden Planet .

Episode three:

Regus’s poster of a tattooed Bettie Page can be bought from Amazon ...

... As can a couple more of the posters on his wall: “Skull Girl” and “Celestial Alignment” .

Regus’s Blade Runner t-shirt is from Last Exit To Nowhere – although sadly it appears to be out of stock now, as it's no longer listed on their site.

Regus also takes the piss by rocking a Team Edward t-shirt .

Episode four:

Hal reads the Penguin Classics edition of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov .

Episode six:

Cutler’s puppet wolf was made by the now-defunct Pelham Puppets. Hunt it down on eBay (they manufactured them from 1963 to 1989, so there are quite a few variations – look for a version with blue trousers).

Allison’s dinosaur sweatshirt is from Top Shop; sadly it’s now sold out, so eBay is again the place to look.

The poster of the solar system which Tom and Allison gaze at can be bought from Amazon .

Honolulu Heights

The Hawaii poster by the bar (a vintage ad for United Airlines) can be bought from the Vintage Magazine Shop .

Hal's wardrobe

Thanks to some help from the Being Human production team, we've identified Hal's rather funky coat - but you'll have a job getting hold of one, since it's from upmarket tailor Oliver Spencer 's Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Quite how he can afford something like that on a cafe worker's wages we don't know...

And finally...

Don’t forget to stock up with plenty of this tasty squash, from Asda . Just be sure to hide it if Hal comes round, otherwise things could get very messy...

Ian Berriman

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