Becoming Human Will Be A Spooky Breakfast Club

Being Human creator Toby Whithouse reveals more about the online spin-off series

This year Being Human is set to spawn a spin-off online in the form of Becoming Human , a 70-minute spin-off broken into seven chunks of differing lengths.

“It’s set in a different part of the country, one that’s undefined, but takes place in the same world, so we have the same rules and there are references to characters in the main show,” Being Human creator Toby Whithouse reveals in the latest issue of SFX . Set in a college, it follows vampire Adam (Craig Roberts), werewolf Christa (Leila Mimmack) and ghost Matt (Josh Brown). “We had to come up with a show directed at a slightly younger audience,” says Whithouse. “So we had this idea to set it in a school. It’s about these kids in detention – you could call it a supernatural Breakfast Club ! The story’s about establishing the causes of Matt’s death so he can complete his journey.”

Viewers will be encouraged to puzzle over the mystery of Matt’s death themselves, with clues posted online in the form of press cuttings, CCTV footage and mobile phone clips. “The work the online team have done has been fantastic. The episodes will go out weekly and then there’ll be endless fun to be had in-between. Every day the site will be updated in some way, so more clues will gradually filter out. It makes it much more enjoyable, because rather than just being a spectator you’re much more of a participant.”

Being Human starts airing in late January. The first part of Becoming Human will become available online after episode two has aired.

Read more about Becoming Human in the full feature in the new issue of SFX , on sale Wednesday 12 January

Dave Golder
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