Because 'Triple-A' just isn't good enough? Microsoft working on 'AAAA' game

Triple-A games are no longer the creme de la creme of the gaming world. Maybe it's the imminent arrival of the next generation and the huge budget-stretching games that it will likely bring, or maybe it's just that someone at Microsoft needs a new keyboard. But the software giant is advertising a job as executive producer on a 'AAAA title'. That's a game-changer right there.

We know it's not a typo (unless 'Find all' was used to replace all instances of 'Triple-A' with 'AAAA') because the term is used repeatedly throughout the listing. Look:

Above: The listing as it appears on Microsoft's own site. Also - lens flare!

At the time of writing, the listing is still live in this same form, perhaps indicating that Microsoft is deadly serious. The goalposts have moved. Envelopes are being pushed. Boxes no longer contain thinking - that's happening way outside.

Could this be an indication that Microsoft is about to create the single-greatest game the world has ever seen? Or just that Fonzie wrote the press release? Either way, expect Sony to announce a AAAAA-quality game very soon.

Source: NeoGaf

Justin Towell

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