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Beat the Black Friday rush with this amazing QLED TV and Xbox One X bundle

Beat the Black Friday rush with this amazing QLED TV and Xbox One X bundle
(Image credit: Samsung/Microsoft)

If you're on the hunt for a cheap Xbox One X and a cheap gaming TV deal, then prick you ears up right now. Over at Walmart you get a gangbusting package of a Samsung 55-inch Q60 TV (one of our favorites) and a Xbox One X Division 2 bundle together for $1,047.99 at Walmart right now. This is a big price in and of itself but your getting one of the best gaming TVs and the world's most powerful console so the value for money is undeniable. Roughly speaking, this bundle saves you about $70 from the other big retailer, Amazon, but only because their Xbox One X bundle is slightly cheaper right now - in reality, this bundle saves you the best part of $150 all things, and regular prices considered.

The Xbox One X deal itself is great as you'll get the most powerful console ever made, with one of the biggest, and still very current, live games of the year in the shape of The Division 2. And the TV itself, while not the very best in the range - that'd be the eye-watering expensive Q900R - is a seriously good gaming TV. It's a 2019 model that has gaming in mind boasting the basically-unparalleled QLED display and Samsung's own Game Mode and Game Enhancer that'll optimise both response rate and refresh rate. It also throws in FreeSync for good measure. And that's just the gaming side of things; you'll get all the benefits of a modern competition-leading panel from a trusted manufacturer. If you're interested in just the telly box on its own, that is actually down to its lowest ever price of $697.99 at Walmart too by the way.

Cheap gaming TV deal and bundle

Samsung Q60 QLED 4K 55" TV + Xbox One X Division 2 bundle | $1,047.99 at Walmart
Save big on this enormous gaming bundle at Walmart by snapping up one of the best TVs for gaming and consoles money can buy.View Deal

Samsung Q60 QLED 4K TV | 55-inch | $697.99 at Walmart
The TV on its own is going for its lowest ever price right now at Walmart too, so if you are all gaming-geared up and just need the panel, then check this out on its own.View Deal

It certainly is a cheap gaming TV deal that will give a lot of the upcoming Black Friday TV deals a run for their money. 

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