Battlefield 5's 'War in the Pacific' update will be revealed soon, and here's a short teaser

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The fifth chapter in Battlefield 5's seasonal update program will be fully revealed on October 23, and in the lead-up, DICE has issued a short teaser video. As you'd expect from a teaser video, it merely teases, but if offers a glimpse of the Pacific setting while also showing off a very serious looking soldier.

Check it out:

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According to DICE's updated Battlefield 5 roadmap, Chapter 5 will usher in three new maps, including Iwo Jima, as well as two factions in the form of the United States and Japan. Also expect "at least" seven new weapons and gadgets, as well as new vehicles, one of which promises to be a boat.

The full reveal will be aired on the official Battlefield 5 YouTube Channel on October 23, which is Wednesday, though a specific time for the premiere hasn't been provided.

Battlefield 5 launched late last year, and since then it's grown a new battle royale mode in the form of Firestorm, as well as the preceding four content chapters, though a planned 5v5 mode has been canned

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