6 essential Battlefield 5 tips to know before you play

Battlefield 5’s beta may be a thing of the past now, but during the five-day long beta period we picked up a number of tips. Although it initially looks and feels like the Battlefield you're used to, there are a number of changes that can really alter your experience, so it's best to get up to speed with them to help give you a competitive advantage. From exploring the war torn streets of Rotterdam to the snowy hills of the Arctic Fjord in Norway, here’s six pieces of advice that may not seem obvious at first glance.

1. Spotting now requires binoculars

In previous Battlefield games, you could tag enemies by pressing a button while aiming at them down a sniper scope. That way, everyone on your team knew where they were and could plan accordingly.

In Battlefield 5, spotting has been dialled back somewhat. No longer can you pick out players through your sniper scope: you need to switch to your binoculars and tag them. Of course, only Scout players have binoculars so if you’re playing with a full squad, make sure one of your pals is rocking Scout in order to spot the enemy team.

Another change to spotting is that tags don’t persist when an enemy breaks line of sight. If they go behind a rock or building, they won’t be tagged anymore for you. It’s fairer and a lot more realistic (in real-life, soldiers can’t track enemies behind walls believe it or not), so spamming the spot key doesn’t help as much as it used to.

2. You can revive squadmates

Medic is one of the four classes available in-game and as you’d expect, they’re focused on healing and supporting their team. They can throw out med packs, ammo crates and they can even heal downed teammates.

If you’re not a Medic but you’re playing in a squad, you need to remember that you can revive your squadmates. It’s not a Medic-exclusive ability which means that communication and teamwork is even more important. Rocking with two Assault players, a Scout and a Support? Now you can all revive each other if you take too many hits and go down.

3. Lay down suppressing fire

It may seem useless to fire near enemies if you can’t see them, but suppressing fire is actually a big help in Battlefield 5. When there’s bullets flying near and around you, your screen becomes blurred and vision is slightly obscured. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re rocking a sniper or an SMG, laying down suppressing fire essentially impairs your enemies and can leave them more vulnerable to your teammates looking for another angle. On top of that, it grants you points. So even if you can’t get any kills, at least you’re helping somehow.

4. Take advantage of supply stations

When you spawn, you don’t start with much ammo at all. If you’re involved in a lot of engagements right from the get-go, you’ll run out of ammo swiftly. Keep an eye out for supply stations - even from the start of each life, they give you more ammo than you’re carrying.

They’re not just for ammo either. Health doesn’t automatically regenerate the same way as in previous Battlefield games, so you need to rely on either a medic dropping you a health pack or you can heal yourself up at a supply station. There’s only a few on each map, so make sure you take note of where each one is if you need to recover.

5. Remember to crawl on your back

There’s been too many occasions when we’ve been playing a first-person shooter, prone on the floor providing covering fire for some teammates when we start hearing shots from behind us. Of course, we’ve had to turn around slowly on the ground to try and return fire, but by that time, we’re long dead.

Now when you’re prone and you turn around 180 degrees, rather than spinning round on the floor, you’ll change position to essentially be on your back. This allows you to turn much quicker and retain your position, so you don’t make yourself more visible by standing up. Hopefully more games follow suit, as it’s a welcome addition and it looks badass.

6. Fortify objectives

On the mini-map, you’ll see white icons spread out. These indicate fortification places which are essentially man-made walls constructed with sandbags that help to protect and guard an area.

Building fortifications on the objectives is ideal because it’s another wall the enemies have to break through before they can capture it. Each fortification takes a while to build but when they’re up, they’re more than worth the time. They have to be placed in designated spots which stops them from being too powerful but if there’s an opportunity, always try to get some erected.

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