Battlefield 4 dog tag locations

Mission 3: South China Sea

Tag 7: As soon as you are in control at the start of the mission, walk a few steps down the corridor and make the third right into the barracks there. The tag will be on the wall at the bed.

Tag 8: When you hop into hatch and start swimming, go past the flames and there will be a closed door ahead of you. The tag will be on the wall to the left of it.

Tag 9: Once you go through the Med Bay to the reach the deck of the Valkyrie, go to the left of the deck to the destroyed chopper and find the dog tag in the cockpit.

Mission 4: Singapore

Tag 10: When you reach the beach at the start of the mission, go to the left side to find a white boat. Look on the ocean side to see the dog tag on the side of it.

Tag 11: After you ride in the tank and take out the incoming armor, you will enter a building with glass walls and a bar inside. Look behind the bar to find the dog tag on the ground.

Tag 12: Once you reach the main hanger, the dog tag can be found on the far side of the jumbo jet, just above the door where the wing is. If the plane has been hit, you can just run up the wing to reach it, otherwise, take the small stairs that lead to the wing to run over and grab it.