Battlefield 2042 Season One delayed, but improved gunplay and rewards are coming soon

Battlefield 2042
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Battlefield 2042 Season One has bene delayed, but a number of improvements to systems including gunplay and communication will arrive in March.

The new details were announced earlier today via the Battlefield Twitter account, which you can see just below. The account actually reveals that there'll firstly be an update for the FPS in March, but after that, work will begin on several additional improvements for the game, which is where the new fixes and adjustments come in.

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There's a lot to delve into here. The improvements to gunplay and the ping system of Battlefield 2042 is a big deal, not just because they're both something that the community has been crying out for since the game launched in November last year, but because they'll both likely immediately improve the game.

Next, there's an improved reward loop, something else that the Battlefield 2042 player base has been looking for for a few months now. DICE also says it's once again returning to change up the player player XP gains work in the Battlefield Portal mode, as well as making tweaks to tools and modes used within the player-driven Portal mode itself.

Finally, EA DICE announced that the launch of Battlefield 2042 Season One has been delayed to Summer 2022. However, this debut season will apparently mark the beginning of 12 months of new content for Battlefield 2042, with a new season launching every four months, and new Specialists, new locations, and much more brand new content.

EA DICE knows that those who purchased the Gold and Ultimate Editions of Battlefield 2042 will feel let down by this delay, so it's introducing a new bundle, dubbed the Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle. You can see its full contents, which will be made free for all Gold and Ultimate Edition owners of the game, just below.

Battlefield 2042

(Image credit: EA)

This news all comes after a fairly steady stream of updates and improvements to Battlefield 2042, ever since it launched just less than three months ago. EA DICE's new shooter might not have had the best start to life, but it certainly seems to be making positive improvements for its player base.

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