Battlefield 2042 player puts a med kit on a drone for portable healing

Battlefield 2042 support specialist character Falck
(Image credit: EA)

A Battlefield 2042 healing hack has been uncovered involving a drone and a medical crate.

The clip below emerged on the official Battlefield 2042 subreddit earlier today, giving us a look at the hack. In the video, the player pops a drone down on the floor, only to throw a medical crate on top of it straight after. Then, when the drone takes off, it's got a medical crate attached to it, instantly healing any player it comes into contact with.

Usually, anyone looking to heal with a medical crate in Battlefield 2042 would have to plonk the crate down, and trust their teammates to gather round the crate in order to heal - a form of team-wide coordination which is unfortunately rare. This player has found a method to cut out all the busywork, delivering the medical crate straight to the players instead.

It's a brilliant technique, and really gives another added dimension to healing in Battlefield 2042. Outside of this, the only method of healing from a distance would be Falck's special healing gun, which allows the Specialist to somehow shoot health into friendly players from a ranged distance. Hey, it's 20 years in the future, so don't question the science on that one too much.

Battlefield 2042 technically hasn't even fully launched around the world yet, and we're already seeing creative hacks like this popping up. EA DICE's shooter sequel went into early access for Gold and Ultimate edition owners last Friday, and launches in full for all customers tomorrow on November 19. Check out our complete Battlefield 2042 review for what we made of DICE's latest entry in the Battlefield saga.

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