Battlefield 2042 devs are exploring how Michael K. Williams character's story will move forward

Battlefield 2042
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Battlefield 2042 design director Daniel Berlin has revealed the team are looking at ways to "define" the story of Michael K. Williams character Kimble “Irish” Graves.

In a pre-brief for the new Hazard Zone mode that has just been revealed, Berlin spoke at the end of the video about how the team were "devasted" by the loss of Michael K. Williams, who sadly passed away earlier this year, and that the team wanted to honor his amazing work. 

Berlin said:  “Speaking on behalf of the entire team, we’re still devastated by the loss of Michael. But we thought it was important that his legacy lives on within the Battlefield universe. Irish will be available as a playable specialist at launch, and we’re working with Michael’s team to define his story going forward. We want to continue to honor his amazing work and to celebrate his contributions.”

It's not yet clear how Battlefield will use Irish going forward, as Berlin didn't elaborate on what his story might entail, but it's already been confirmed that the character will be a playable specialist at launch. Considering that Battlefield 2042 is multiplayer-only, it's unlikely a huge arc was planned for Irish, although he was recently the focus of a short film that EA released to expand on the game's environmentally-devastated world called 'Exodus'. 

You'll have the option to play as Williams' character when the game launches on November 19 - it's new release date after the Battlefield 2042 delay - and is set to come to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.  

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