Battlefield 2042 day one patch reduces rubber banding and fixes bugs

Battlefield 2042
(Image credit: EA)

Battlefield 2042 has its first post-launch update, and it addresses a number of bugs including rubber banding and stuttering.

It's worth noting up front that Battlefield 2042's day one patch fixes issues identified before the game entered early access, so it doesn't address a lot of the player feedback from the last week or so. EA Dice says two additional updates are coming in the next 30 days; the first one will include more bug fixes found in the first week of early access, and the next will be "a larger and more substantial update." It's likely then that we'll see what EA Dice has planned for some of the broader gameplay issues players are seeing with regards to blooming and balancing.

As far as this first patch goes, it's aimed at reducing the amount of times you see enemies rubber banding or teleporting, which is usually during the later part of All-Out Warfare rounds. It should also significantly reduce stuttering on the Breakaway map, as destroyed Silos shouldn't have a negative impact on server performance anymore.

The update apparently fixes a problem that made allies names display incorrectly, as well as updates Falck's animation in the End of Round sequence. There's a handful of other smaller fixes you can read through in the full patch notes, but overall you can expect a slightly smoother experience with today's patch with bigger updates coming in the next few weeks.

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Jordan Gerblick

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