Battleborn season pass detailed, contains story missions and special skins

Battleborn (opens in new tab) will have a roster of 25 playable heroes when it launches for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on May 3, but be prepared for that number to swell to 30 post-launch. Developer Gearbox has detailed (opens in new tab) its plans for Battleborn DLC, and more heroes are at the top of the list. Don't worry about spending cash on them though, as these five additional characters will be added to the game free of charge.

There will be paid DLC in the form of five packs which each contain a story mission, as well as exclusive hero skins and taunts. Each mission can be purchased standalone for $5, or together in a season pass for $20. A Digital Deluxe edition, which comes with the base game, all five DLC packs, and bonus cosmetic items, will be available for $75.

Lastly, much like the MOBA genre from which it borrows heavily, Battleborn will sell cosmetic customizations in-game. Prices have not yet been specified. Gearbox promises that nothing being sold will impact gameplay (aside from having new missions to play), and that the sales of these optional aesthetic upgrades help ensure more free content arrives - including maps, modes, and the aforementioned heroes.

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