BattleBlock Theater Livestream @3pm PST

We have a problem. See, we crave green gems--we’ll even kill our friends to get them. But our miserable gem addiction will be your boon, as you watch us cavort through the awesome platforming of Battleblock Theater during today’s livestream. Another fine product from The Behemoth, makers of the awesome Castle Crashers, this loony 2D platformer is as entertaining as it is silly. Much like the cats who find amusement in watching Hatty’s friends defy death, so too will you be delighted by our sabotage and cooperation in the pursuit of gems and yarn. Sound fun?

Be sure to tune in at 3pm PST to watch the mayhem begin. If your trivia skills are quick, you may even win a code of the game for yourself!

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Greg Henninger
Community Manager for Gamesradar