Fan-made Batman suit with 23 working gadgets earns Guiness World Record

Cosplaying has long been a favourite pastime of genre fans, and while we've seen many an impressive costume at San Diego Comic Con and the like Julian Checkley may have just outdone them all. In addition to making a Batman: Arkham Origins inspired Batsuit, the Irishman - who has worked in the film industry in both the model-making and creature effects departments - built 23 functional gadgets, in doing so earning a Guiness World Record.

Watch how Checkley and his team did it in the video below...

The gadgetry that Checkley built includes familiar Bat-accessories like the grapnel gun, smoke bombs, and batarangs, but it's the Bat-flask that's undoubtedly the highlight of the suit (and probably the gadget that will be getting the biggest workout in light of this news). It's impressive stuff, and something tells me this record won't be broken anytime soon. Check out the complete list of Checkley's inventory below:

1. Bat Shuriken

2. Folding Batarang

3. Ultrasonic Anti Dog Device

4. Bat-cam

5. Laser Designator

6. Gauntlet Flashlight

7. Ball Bearing Grenades x2

8. Medi-kit Pneumatic

9. Strobe Stun Gun

10. UV Lamp

11. Smoke Bombs x2

12. The Bat Flask

13. Fireball Shooter

14. Gauntlet Video Screens x2

15. Battery Pack

16. Bat Tracking Beacon

17. Cowl Respirator

18. Tranquilizer Gun

19. Gas Dispenser

20. Bat Sign Projector

21. Grapnel Gun

22. Concealed Laryngeal Microphone

23. Two-way Radio

Amon Warmann

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