Batman: Arkham studio finally confirms one thing about its next game: "It's not Superman"

Batman: Arkham Knight developer Rocksteady Studios working on a Superman game has been one of the most persistent games industry rumors in recent memory, but it's finally met its kryptonite. Sefton Hill, game director and co-founder at Rocksteady Studios, returned to his seldom-used Twitter account to address fans who may have been hoping for an announcement at The Game Awards and let them down gently, revealing one thing that his studio has not chosen for its long-awaited next title.

Arkham Knight was Rocksteady's most recent big project, which came out way back in June 2015. It also put out Batman: Arkham VR in October 2016, but that was a much smaller game than the free-roaming superheroics with which Rocksteady made its name. Since then, folks have been getting pretty darn antsy to find out what the promising studio is getting up to next. Hill's announcement follows on the last time he used his Twitter account, which was pretty much just a "bear with us" after the studio was noticeably absent from E3 2018 (despite heavy rumor mongering and even some alleged leaks about an in-development Superman game).

At least Hill's getting out ahead of things this time. Though his studio definitely isn't making a dedicated Superman game, it may still have room in its heart for the Son of Krypton: another rumor that surfaced this year says Rocksteady's working on a Justice League game set in the same fictional universe as its Arkham series. It could be a lovely DC counterpart to The Avengers Project in the works at Tomb Raider studio Crystal Dynamics, though we know little about that one either - despite the fact that it was officially announced nearly two years ago.

Even though we won't learn what Rocksteady's working on at The Game Awards, hopefully we won't have to wait through another year (and a few more dozen rumors) to find out. Until then, I guess you could finally clear out the last of those damn Riddler puzzles.

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Connor Sheridan

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