Batman: Arkham series creator Rocksteady Studios is skipping E3 this year

Rocksteady Studios, the creators of hits like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, has confirmed that it won't be attending E3 2019. Studio co-founder Sefton Hill confirmed that Rocksteady will be watching from home while working on its next big project in London. 

After the success of the Arkham series, fans have been clamoring to hear any details on what Rocksteady will be working on next. Many had hoped that would be at E3 2019, but that sadly isn't the case. Hill has made similar announcements before E3 2018 and at the 2018 Game Awards. 

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Outside Hill confirming that their next game wouldn't be about Superman, there isn't a lot of official info on the game out in the wild yet. Some leaks have pointed to Rocksteady creating a game based on the Justice League, while a leaked promotional image with the title Outlaws pointed to another game set in Gotham. Neither rumor has been confirmed as the studio's next project.

Rocksteady, who is owned by Warner Bros., hasn't released a game since Batman: Arkham VR which has left some fans worried about the state of their newest title. Although most are happy to give the studio as much time as they need after how well the Arkham series represented the caped crusader. 

Dozens of sites and industry insiders have given their takes on what Rocksteady's next game will be, with many saying that it'll be announced soon. We are a few years into rumors and speculation and we're still far from an official announcement or confirmed leak. 

We're halfway through 2019, maybe we'll see something in time for an early 2020 release window. 

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