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Batman returns with long-awaited Arkham Knight PC patch, available now

When Batman: Arkham Knight (opens in new tab) was released back in June, it garnered widespread acclaim - unless you were playing on PC, where the bugs were so numerous and feedback so negative that publisher Warner Bros. pulled Arkham Knight from Steam (opens in new tab). And while new PC copies still aren't being sold on Valve's digital store, those who already bought the game should now have access to a patch that fixes (opens in new tab) some of the game's more glaring issues.

Along with making the game more stable, the patch also adds graphics customization options to the menu. Now, players can set their max frames per second, change texture filtering, toggle motion blur and the film grain effects, and turn off "chromatic aberration" (which is basically a fancy way of saying "the purposeful manipulation of colors along the edge of the screen to make things look blurry").

There's still more fixing to be done, but for now, this is the patch Gotham deserves and the one it needs.

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