Arkham Knight PC fix? Switch the good stuff off and play "on par with current generation platforms"


Batman Arkham Knight sales on PC have been suspended until problems can be solved.

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Batman: Arkham Knight on PC is having "difficulties" to put things lightly. Steam users are reporting stuttering and low framerates as the most outstanding offense, and only 32 percent of the 7,098 (and counting) user reviews are marked as positive.

Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive are working to fix Arkham Knight's PC problems, but in the meantime they have some advice. The problem is that even if you have a computer that matches the recommended specifications you’ll struggle. Recommended specs include an i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 760, none of which are exactly entry-tier stuff. And even with all that under the hood, the suggestion is to turn graphical details to "Normal" and turn extras like "Enhanced Rain" and "Interactive Smoke/Fog" completely off.

Rocksteady says that "the Recommended Spec is intended to deliver an experience on par with the current generation of gaming platforms," which I imagine is not terribly comforting to people who specifically chose a PC version over a current-gen console version.

There's a slew of other do's and do-not's for owners of Arkham Knight on PC, but it basically boils down to "try turning your settings down." Still, it might help to read the whole list. If all else fails and you still aren't happy with the game, WB and Rocksteady have been at least kind enough to remind users that Steam refunds are a thing now.

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