Batman: Arkham City sells 6 million copies, boasts Warners

Time Warner has released its earnings (via Game Informer) for the final quarter of 2011, and the company did as well as you'd expect for an entity that seriously owns like half the world. Among the properties singled out for praise in the company's year-end roundup were Mortal Kombat and Batman: Arkham City, the latter of which sold over 6 million copies to drive the company's “Filmed Entertainment” division to a 9% year-over-year growth.

Sure, it's technically still hard times out here on the mean streets – but recessions are a superstitious, cowardly lot, and a lean year turns out not to matter if your products include one of the year's audience standouts. Again, that's Arkham, which Warners report was one of the top 10 US bestsellers for 2011.

For a supposedly lean year, 2011 has made for mixed results so far, with Microsoft and Electronic Arts reporting healthy-to-exceptional business while THQ and Sony cross their fingers for a more prosperous 2012...