Batman: Arkham Asylum Boss Guide

Arkham’s insane-o inmates aren’t simple pushovers for Batman. Sure, Batman’s a badass, but he’s also vulnerably human, and if you’re having trouble taking down the worst of The Joker’s entourage, check out our succinct guide to get you through the rough spots.

The deformed henchmen areyour first real test in Arkham Asylum. Pay attention to this freak's patterns: you'll face many goons like this over the course of the game.

If the henchman picks up a body keep diving to the left and rightto avoid getting struck.

The beast will roar when he’s about to charge. Now’s your chance. Time to throw a quick, well-aimed Batarang.

Immediately dive to the side. If the Batarang strikes true he’ll clatter into the wall and let you punch him while he’s dazed.

Every henchman can be tackled in this way, though later brutes have three health bars instead of just the one.

Don’t panic – keep punching them when they fall to one knee and you’ll get to ride them like a cheeky cowboy.

Big brute Bane's the man who broke Batman's back in the Knightfall story arc of Batman #497.

Bane’s tackled in exactly the same way as the giant henchman from before. Just use the Batarang when he charges.

Don’t bother attacking Bane until one of his segments is depleted. Once that happens run in and keep punching.

You’ll rip the venom tubes right off his back, weakening him. Sadly his punch is still pretty powerful without the tubes…

Keep countering the goons that attack and watch for Bane’s charge. Launch a quick Batarang and dive when it comes.

Bane will occasionally grab chunks of wall and hurl them. Just dodge to the side to avoid them. You've got plenty of time to prepare.