Batman: Arkham Asylum Boss Guide

Victor Zsasz is a deranged serial killer who keeps a tally of his victims by carving notches into his skin. Not the nicest of blokes, then.

Zsasz is an easy one. Don’t let him spot you though – he’ll execute Dr. Young if you show yourself. And you don't want that to happen.

Simply stroll to the entrance to Warden Sharp’s main roomand lock to corner cover.

Now wait for your chance. Zsasz will eventually peek out from Young’s back, rendering himself vulnerable to your attacks.

Ready a Batarang with manual aim and throw when he looks. That’s all you need to do.

Cue a Trophy/Achievement for your troubles. If only all the bosses were as simple as Zsasz here.

Ex-shrink Harley proved so popular after her introduction in Batman: The Animated Seriesthat she became canon in the comics too.

You don’t actually get to fight Harley – just her closest henchmen. Pay close attention to the arena floor…

Harley will send an electric current through the arena. It moves in a counter-clockwise pattern – just pay attention.

Fight the goons as normal, but when the middle floor starts to zap run to the platform on the left and climb up.

Counter any incoming moves and return to the central platform when the coast is clear. Keep repeating the routine.

Beware later waves of henchmen; they’ll start carrying knives and stun rods which make it tricky.

Killer Croc was once a human called Waylon Jones, who was born with a terrible medical condition that turned him reptilian.

Do not disturb Croc or else you die. But so long as you crouch you can safely move as fast as you like.

At the 59 meter mark Croc will jump out and charge. Be cool, manually aim a Batarang and knock him out.

On the way to the sacs you’ll need to keep knocking him down. When bubbles appear get ready to run – some platforms will sink.

Bridge gaps with the Line Launcher to collect the last sacs. Get ready for some Crash Bandicoot style action…

Luckily Batman was prepared for Croc’s final charge. Equip the Explosive Gel and detonate when Croc steps on the giant bat.