Batman: Arkham Asylum Boss Guide

Poison Ivy's giant plant boss isn't tricky to fight, but it's easily one of the most visually impressive characters in the game.

Ivy’s tentacles will slam into the ground and sprout grass. Dive out of the way in plenty of time when this happens.

If you are caught in her brambles keep hammering the buttons as quickly as you can to break free and stop taking damage.

The Quick Batarang is key here. Run in circles to avoid the orbs and quicklytoss the 'rangwhen Ivy’s shield opens.

Get ready to dive away from a volley of orbs afterwards. When she’s down spray her cell with Explosive Gel and detonate.

Repeat the above method the second time too. You’ll need to fight men too but, so long as you avoid the bramble, you’ll be fine.

The Joker

The Joker's no match for Batman on his own. Injected with Titan however… well let's just say the odds are evened….

Oh dear. Look at the size of him. Don’t bother trying to fight, just run around the arena’s perimeter until he stops attacking instead.

Fighting the henchmen isn’t a problem, but when the walking teeth start bouncing dive away. They're about to explode.

Time your final KO when the Joker’s facing away from you. Then quickly use the Ultra-Batclaw on his back.

You’ll pull him down for a chance to whack him. Deftly avoid his swipes and get ready for the start of wave two…

There are three waves in all. When you KO the last goon and pull the Joker down for the third time you’re finished.

Aug 27, 2009