Batman 3 to be entirely IMAX?

The Batman rumours just won't stop flowing. Despite there being no official announcement yet, the latest word on Batman 3 is that Chris Nolan plans to shoot it entirely in IMAX.

Yes, while Nolan himself is still playing coy about what he might be planning for the next film (though enough evidence has been building to suggest he'll get to it after Inception), Ain't It Cool has heard that he may be ready to commit to the IMAX format.

While chunks of The Dark Knight were shot in the format, the weight and clunky inconvenience of the cameras meant it was impractical to film the whole thing with them.

But thanks to advances in the tech, it may now be possible. Still, stick this one in the rumour drawer for now.

In more concrete news, some of the basic plot for Inception - which has apparently been floating around obscure websites since May - is now loose in the world.

To avoid spoilers, we won't print much, but if you're worried, look away now.

The basic premise finds Leo DiCaprio's CEO character being blackmailed by a rival over a piece of tech that can alter people's dreams and plant suggestions in their brains.

We'll say no more, though if you're one of those people who just can't resist, try FirstShowing 's coverage here.

Meanwhile, to keep that appetite good and whetted, why not check out the teaser again?

[Source: Ain't It Cool ]

Do you think we'll see an all-IMAX Bat film?

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