Bastion DLC announced, due out December 14

Though Bastion developer Supergiant Games had originally planned to keep its game DLC-less, it has decided to whip something up for its fans for the holidays. Next week will see the release of the first (and potentially last) bit of downloadable content for Bastion in the form of "The Strangers Dream," which adds a goodly amount of new content for either a low price or no cost at all, depending on your platform of choice.

Above: The Kid sure likes playing with fire.

The Stranger's Dream adds a new, fully-narrated "Who Knows Where" sequence that can be unlocked once the game was completed, and it's one that Supergiant is saying is to be the most difficult section yet. Survival, however, will mean unlocking additional insight into both Rucks' backstory and the history of Caelondia, further fleshing out the interesting world and characters we fell in love with. It also adds in a new Score Attack Mode, which helps add some additional replayability to the game, as well as a new super-easy game mode called No-Sweat, which sounds perfect for those who simply want to experience the narrative. These new modes will also come with new Leaderboards for the new content, though we sort of assumed that.

Steam users (and those who downloaded the game on Chrome, where it is now available) will get this content for free, whereas Xbox 360 gamers will be asked for 80 Microsoft Points due to Microsoft's insistence on forcing developers to charge for content they'd otherwise give our for free.

The DLC is due out on December 14, which is next Wednesday, giving you plenty of time to grab Bastion and play through it if you haven't already - and that's something you really should take care of, if you missed it when it first came out. Heck, you can even play it in a browser now, you no longer have any excuses.

Hollander Cooper

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