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Basic Instinct 2 and Little Man lead the Razzie noms

While plenty of actors, directors, writers and producers will be crossing their fingers that they’ve been nominated for an Oscar in today’s announcements, just as many will have been burning Joe Eszterhas in effigy, hoping that will be enough to keep them off the list for the Golden Raspberry Nominations, Hollywood’s Bad Movie answer to the golden baldies.

Sad news, then, for Basic Instinct 2 and the Wayans’ brothers latest abomina-comedy, Little Man, as both movies managed to rack up seven nominations each. The embarrassing, cringe-worthy shagfest and the unfunny laugher are up against the likes of Lady In The Water, The Wicker Man and, of course, something from Uwe Boll: BloodRayne for Worst Picture.

A likely shoo-in for Razzie infamy is Tim Allen, who has managed to score a Worst Actor Nomination for Zoom, The Shaggy Dog and The Santa Clause 3. Plus the Razzies have also added a new category this year – Worst Excuse For Family Entertainment, which will see the likes of Deck The Halls, RV, Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties, The Santa Clause 3 and The Shaggy Dog all competing to “win” the award.

And finally, the Razzie committee have decided to open up the voting by letting ordinary people like you and us vote for our worst performers and films in each category. Check out their site here for full details and find the typically quirky list of nominated films below, with the “winners” announced, as usual the day before the Oscars on Saturday 24 February…

Basically, It Stinks, Too, 7 Nominations
Worst Picture, Actress, Supporting Actor, Director, Sequel, Screenplay and Screen Couple

Little Man, 7 Nominations
Worst Picture, Actor (2) Remake/Rip-Off, Director, Screenplay and Screen Couple

BloodRayne, 6 Nominations
Worst Picture, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Director and Screenplay

Wicker Man, 5 Nominations
Worst Picture, Actor, Screenplay, Remake and Screen Couple

Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, 5 Nominations
Worst Excuse for Family Entertainment, Worst Actor, Supporting Actor, Sequel and Screen Couple

Lady In The Water, 4 Nominations
Worst Picture, Supporting Actor, Director and Screenplay

Deck The Halls, 3 Nominations
Worst Excuse for Family Entertainment, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress

The Shaggy Dog, 3 Nominations
Worst Excuse for Family Entertainment, Worst Remake and Worst Actor